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New to Bingo? Not on Gamstops? Not a Problem!

not on gamstop casinos

When most people think of online gambling they think of sites such as Poker Stars and Ultimate Bet, but Gameware offers a lot more than these sites. In fact there are many not on gamstop casinos that offer not only free games to play, but also a gameware bonus to players who sign up and become members. This is because many of these sites have decided to go under the Gamstall bingo program. We have broken down all the main online gambling operators, and the main bingo operators which do not fall under the Gamstall umbrella. In addition we have included a brief review of the most popular online gambling operators in the UK.


First up is the world renowned operator Ultimate Bet. This site has an impressive range of promotions available, ranging from free games on certain nights to a free voucher if you join as a member. This site is operated from the North West, but offers a lot more than just gambling, with promotions including a wide range of gaming options, ranging from slots and video poker to online keno and much more. Other operators under the gamstall umbrella include Doublefall, Realtime, Playtech, Playmobil, Playtech casinos and Playfish casinos. All of these offer a variety of promotional offers, and players looking for more than just gambling will be able to find it at any one of these sites.


The second site, which offers a no deposit bingo bonus is Doublefall. This site is operated from London and is one of the oldest online bingo operators in the UK. With a traditional British style games room, there are always players searching for the latest bonuses and promotions. Some of the promotions at Doublefall include a free bonus and a 100% welcome bonus when you first deposit. The welcome bonus can be used to make your first deposit and helps new players to get started.


Playmobil is a popular site for online bingo games but also has other sections from which new players can choose. You can find a not so traditional section for new players, where they can learn the basics of play without worrying about risking any money. A few minutes spent here could save you hundreds of pounds, especially if you are a beginner.


Finally there is Playtech. This site is operated from Manchester and like Doublefall offers a not so traditional atmosphere for those of you playing for the first time. There is an interactive chat area, which players can use to ask questions, and there are often promotions going on which are designed to attract new players. It is also one of the gambling sites that offers special promotional offers for players who sign up with them. With a great bonus and welcome bonus, Playtech is suitable for all ages, and is a great way of learning how to play bingo games.


In conclusion, I would like to highlight a few key points. Not all bingo sites offer free bonuses. Some, like Doublefall and Playmobil, do offer a generous welcome bonus, which is fixed for each new player. There are also a number of sites that will allow you to register and become a member for free, and then you can gain a bingo bonus through playing. These sites include Doublefall, which also offer a fantastic bonus; Playmobil, which offer various bonuses, including bingo cash, gift cards and bingo entries, and Playtech, which have a good bonus structure as well as a number of incentives to attract new players. I recommend that you look into as many bingo rooms as possible when you are looking to sign up for a new account and then decide which ones you want to join up with.