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Exit service and hospital clowns are treated with laughter

No matter who says anything, the field service is a convenient and pleasant thing in all respects: no worries for you, no trouble for you. The main thing is to give clear instructions on time and rely on the experience of professionals. What lies behind the definition of “catering service” and what does it consist of?

An illustrative example of the convenience of this service is the organization and conduct of a corporate party outdoors, away from noise, dirt and dust. So that you do not have a headache about the amount of food, drinks and table setting, all you need to do is contact the catering organization.

There you will be offered not only a menu, but also help to organize the entire event, up to selection of the venue and organized delivery of all participants. Moreover, all the nuances should be taken into account: the presence of sheds or gazebos in case of bad weather, the possibility of outdoor activities, the proximity of a reservoir, etc.

Some companies offer to rent sports equipment, dishes and cutlery.
< br /> If you want your rest outside the city to be active and eventful, you can invite an animator who will entertain the people with jokes and contests throughout the entire time.

Well-organized catering service is aimed at ensuring that vacationers did not focus on the process of cooking, cleaning the table and other work moments. Everything should proceed as if the guests were gathered in a restaurant.

However, if someone wants to take part in the process of cooking fish soup or kebabs, this pleasure cannot be denied, provided that all hygiene and safety requirements are observed .

Catering service also includes the design of your event. It may not be just balloons or colorful ribbons: depending on the range and height of the fantasy flight, pyrotechnics and other special effects can be used.

You can, for example, supply special equipment for the production of soap bubbles that will delight everyone gathered. After the tired guests, well-fed and satisfied, have gone home, the employees of the company who provided catering for the event are obliged to put in order the territory where the banquet was held.

Hospital clowns treat with laughter

After a recent visit to the circus, I had a few questions: “Is a clown a profession or a way of thinking? .. Clowns - what are they like in life? .. Is it possible to single out a clown from a crowd of ordinary people? .. A clown and a comedian are one is it the same? .. ”There are many questions, but no answers.

Well, this is the lyrics. What's in practice? In practice, clowns bring joy, carelessness, mischief and a little childish naivety to our lives: an adult uncle in a red wig and ridiculous outfit turns into a child himself. Children see him as an equal and fearlessly let him into their world. That is why a clown will always be a welcome guest at any children's birthday.

However, not everyone knows that there is such a thing as “hospital clowns”. These funny characters are doing a very sad job helping doctors fight terrible ailments. Hospital clowns can often be found in children's hospices and children's oncology departments of hospitals.

They try their best to distract sick children from the pain and fear of doctors. To do this, a white robe is put on over the clown's outfit so that it is not associated with something unpleasant in the form of injections, operations and dressings. In particular, such a painful procedure as a spinal cord puncture will smooth out the presence of a clown telling funny stories or making funny faces.

Who are they - hospital clowns?

These are ordinary volunteer guys: students, schoolchildren, young specialists in the field of pedagogy and psychology. They try to find a common language not only with children, but also with their parents, who also find it difficult to cope with a disaster.

Therefore, the approach to each is strictly individual. Before going to the child, clowns always consult with the attending physician about the possibility of carrying out certain entertaining programs and learn about the health of each child.

Usually clowns work in couple in front of a few guys. The visit of the hospital clown is always highly anticipated by children, therefore such meetings are held regularly, 2 times a week. This kind of activity is widespread all over the world.

Participants of this program are happy to accept and teach newcomers, invite each other to visit for internships to gain experience of communicating with children from different countries. Invest in MultiVAC here https://cryptobrokers.top/coins/multivac