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How to become a casino croupier?

One of the most popular professions in the field of online or live casinos is certainly that of the croupier. He is the center, the nerve center, the heart of gambling and he is the one who materializes the fortunes and misfortunes of the players.

Apparently it is a job like any other but it requires, on the other hand, a great mathematical ability since the croupier is also called upon to calculate the winnings and losses of his customers or players. In addition to the qualities that we could define as "innate", it is not wrong to speak of a necessary dexterity since he must be able to perform rapid and precise gestures which, certainly, are not at all obvious or natural but the result of hours and hours of training and experience.

Last but not least, a good croupier must have an excellent gab , must entertain the players and must know how to do it both in moments of victory and, above all, in those of defeat. In fact, he will have to be able to handle any situation that arises at the table, from the player who is angry with the dealer to the one who takes it out on another player.

There is also a subtle difference between the duties of a croupier and those of a dealer. The second is a croupier specializing in the game of pokerunderstood in its most polar variation: texas Hold'Em. The dealer is either a tournament or cash game dealer and tends to specialize in one of two activities. It is a particularly coveted profession which, as we will see, is not easy to earn. In our country, the activity can be undertaken thanks to one of the three schools in the area. We are talking about the Croupier Training Center, the Chilton Croupier School and the Fasano Croupier School. All three realities ensure a guaranteed ability once you get out of there and all three are present in a widespread way in Italy with offices ranging from Milan to Palermo via Turin, Padua, Rome, Fasano, Naples, Reggio Calabria or Catania .

The courses have variable durations, as well as the prices. Some cost a few hundred euros while, on the contrary, some professional courses are sold at the price of 2,500 euros.

To be able to make a career in this area there are some necessary requirements to be met . In fact, entry into the croupier or dealer schools is not very simple and requires some small necessary steps to be taken before accessing them. As we have said, these are courses with a very high percentage of occupancy and, as such, they require something extra from those enrolled. Among the fundamental requirements we find the necessary absence of criminal record (or clean criminal record), the absence of visible tattoos, a good knowledge of English and a good knowledge of mathematics, in addition to the obvious age of majority at the time of enrolment.

One last thing to know is the croupier salary in Italy . Obviously, this amount is indicative and can change based on the croupier's experience, his skill and the company that is looking for him. On average, the inexperienced croupier earns between 1,000 and 1,5000 euros per month plus tips. More experienced croupiers can even double these figures, up to the role of pit boss which is worth around 4,000 euros a month.