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The bidding process for the Hotel Casino Carmelo would be a priority for the Government of Uruguay

The congressman for Colonia, Mario Colman, shared the results of his meeting yesterday with the President of Uruguay, Luis Lacalle Pou, regarding future plans to reactivate the country's economy.

According to the congressman, "one of the President's priorities is that the bidding for the Hotel Casino Carmelo and bollywood casino goes out," as he shared to the local media Carmelo Portal.

According to Colman's statements, the bidding process for the tourism project, which seeks to reactivate the traditional casino resort on the premises of the Fauna Reserve of the Municipality of Colonia, opened in July.

In addition, the project would be launched in parallel with the regulation of online gambling in Uruguay, something that the Presidency has been promoting since the Ministry of Economy presented the proposal. 

Within this framework, the President also received the interim Minister of Tourism, Remo Monzeglio, the Mayor of Rocha, Alejo Umpiérrez, and the Minister of Transportation and Public Works, José Luis Falero, to establish the steps to follow with the bidding process for the hotel-casino of Rocha.

As for the Carmelo casino in the Fauna Reserve, an area of about seven hectares created in 1976 to maintain certain species of animals and plants, it would seek to reactivate the entire area.

The Fauna Reserve is located right next to the current Hotel Casino Carmelo. For this reason, the government decided to combine the decision on the future of both complexes.