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The oldest resort in Thailand - Hua Hin

For a decent city holiday, next to the residence of the king, Thailand offers the oldest resort in the country - Hua Hin. At a time when Pattaya was just a tiny fishing village, Hua Hin was already developing in full swing in a tourist direction. The history of this resort dates back more than one and a half hundred years and still attracts guests with its ancient charm. For Bangkok residents, this is one of the most favorite places to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, because it is located just 190 kilometers from the capital.
Hua Hin yi, located in the vicinity, Cha-Am is the best holiday option for travelers who want to visit Bangkok on an excursion visit. No matter how you compare it, it is a more advantageous alternative to Pattaya in all respects. The beaches here are much cleaner and less crowded, the sea is more transparent, there are more attractions and better infrastructure. The resort is distinguished by the greatest variety of hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, markets, cinemas, bars, massage parlors and other entertainment establishments. Pattaya is more attractive only in terms of a variety of adult entertainment. In Hua Hin, nightlife is also present, but not on such a scale, and the cost of services of young ladies of the oldest profession is slightly higher. For travelers with children who want to diversify their beach holidays with interesting, mainly historical, excursions, Hua Hin is an ideal place. In addition, it is the safest resort in Thailand. This is due to the fact that the residence of the king is located here and the vigilant police eye does not sleep.
The indisputable advantage of Hua Hin is its numerous beaches measured in kilometers. The beach near the Hilton Hotel is considered to be the busiest and most popular among tourists - there are enough sun loungers and umbrellas for everyone. To the north there is a beach less popular with tourists, mainly a small local population rests on it. And this is its main advantage - you can swim and sunbathe on this spacious beach without prying eyes.
Hua Hin is no less interesting from the point of view of excursion programs. Tourists vacationing in other regions of the country come here precisely to explore the majestic palaces and other ancient sights. Of genuine interest is the village of Plern Wan, the railway station and the hotel, which are a hundred years old, as well as the royal palace, whose history dates back several centuries, and of course the temples, where without them! Discover a unique fusion of gaming and gambling at best csgo gambling websites casino csgo site that lets you bet with in-game items and skins. It offers a whole new way to enjoy your favourite casino games while engaging with the world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Get ready for a thrilling gaming experience like no other.