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Tips for the passage of Battlefield 3 - Main missions # 027

Communicate with the team.

Do you play with friends? Make them use the microphone. Good communication in the team is the basis of victory. Inform each other about everything that happens on the battlefield, and coordinate joint actions.

Shoot the queues!

"Heavy finger" on the trigger is not accurate. Almost all weapons capable of conducting automatic fire, in this mode, shooting has a huge return. Even the controlled short series does not guarantee entering large distances, but they increase the likelihood of this.

Repair of the equipment of the Allies and the destruction of the enemy's technique.

Playing the technician, remember that your main task is to maintain your union technique in good condition. Even the best pilot of the helicopter or the driver of the tank will not do anything if his car burns.

Perform the tasks of your mission!

Battlefield 3 is not Call of Duty. If in the last pursuit of fragments is not bad, then in BF3, such a player is a parasite in the team and spends only valuable coupons. Make your contribution to the game mode and do everything in your power.

Do not play like Rambo.

In Battlefield 3 sufficiently several shots to kill the enemy, including you. Remember this, even when you have a great mood and you feel hopeless. Fight when this requires a situation, but do not look for the ability to create it, while the rest of the team expects you to complete the role you have chosen. Learn to play effectively with your class and remember that you are not a single army. The most important is the victory of the team, and not your own.

Of course, from each of these "commandments" there are exceptions - they are just instructions, and not the rules whose violation can lead to a link to Kamchatka. The main thing is to learn how to use them competently and adapt to the situation on the battlefield.

Team game

Undoubtedly, team chemistry is the most important key to victory in network fights. Even the best accuracy and reflexes of individual team members will not help if the players will not work closely with each other. The coherent team will win chaotic opponents at any time of the day and night. This is especially true for the more tactical game modes, such as Conquest or Assault.

However, this does not mean that for victory you need to be a natural strategist and always be two steps ahead of the enemy. For a good start, everything you need to do is follow several valuable advice, which should be included in the blood of each, especially a beginner, in Battlefield 3. Now it will be easier for you to find the right offer. We have divided casino promo codes by country for your convenience.