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Play casino slots Bonanza for money

Bonanza is a game named after the popular TV series broadcasted in 1959-1973, created by Big Time Gaming studio. The slot has a seeming simplicity - there are no add-ons. This game is designed to give the player a classic entertainment in which you do not have to mess around with unusual special options. To familiarize yourself with the emulator start playing in the casino for money by clicking on the link.

Simple at first glance "Bonanza" can deceive inexperienced players. The machine has a lot of interesting and innovative features that can make the game more interesting in a very intriguing way.

The first impression does not match what the game offers its audience. After entering the slot, the main screen appears, referring to the rocky and green forests of America's Wild West. Nothing much is visible in the background. The slot machine screen depicts rotating carved out rocks. "Bonanza" has no standard background soundtrack. The creators decided that it won't start until you activate the spinning slot machine. This is a very lively tune, referring to the classic musical themes of the early westerns.

Interface, graphics and symbols

The slot machine is slightly different from all the standard slot machines presented in the casino https://bitstarzcasinos.com/. It has 6 reels that display from 2 to 6 symbols. Some fields are larger, others are smaller. So it may happen that you see 2 big symbols or 6 very small symbols on the same reel. In addition, above the main Bonanza screen you can see 4 fields where 4 random symbols with a stroke appear.

The interface looks extremely simple. You can click here only 5 buttons responsible for setting the speed, viewing parameters, auto-run and rotation of the slot. "Bonanza" has intuitive and transparent parameters that are easy to use. Auto play allows you to set the number of spins, as well as limits, after which the game will stop itself.

The symbols in the game are gems, as well as classic slot symbols and numbers that give the smallest winnings when the combination is matched. The main icons will make the eyes of each player light up "Bonanza". These symbols are Wild - dynamite and Scatter - a few gold letters GOLD and one additional gold symbol - " 5".

"Bonanza" and special features

In "Bonanza" you can find both standard special symbols and several other interesting features that will greatly diversify the fun. Thanks to this, the production is original, and the casino player, burned by slot machines, will find something innovative here that he has never seen before. Start playing for money - good luck is waiting for you!