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Multi-line slot machines online

The virtual casino industry is developing regularly, manufacturers are constantly coming up with different non-standard types of slots. The more serious competitors of the "one-armed bandits" include completely new slots with a huge number of active lines. Often, on these slots, the player can independently set the number of active directions. You can play completely free multi-line slot machines at the online casino.
Players are additionally encouraged to take advantage of the best conditions of the game, but also use the following categories:

  1. Demo;
  2. New items;
  3. Old video slots;
  4.  Classic.


Multi-line slot machines are quickly gaining popularity among real gambling fans. The main reason for this is the increased number of ways to make winning combinations. This is much more profitable than the traditional one-armed bandit conditions.
Basically, a multi-line slot machine has the following advantages:

  1. You can independently choose the total number of active lines, the size of bets on each of them, which can be in a non-fixed format.
  2. Thoughtful storyline. Old slots were made taking into account simple thematic directions, new products often contain fascinating stories taken from different sources;
  3. In certain cases, several additional playgrounds are presented, as well as symbols and rows that will be available only after certain requirements;
  4. These machines often have free spins, as well as two or more bonus rounds, which can lead to additional benefits.

The positive qualities include a convenient graphic design of modern multi-line video slots with a non-standard number of special symbols.


The history of the production of these machines is developing simply and incredibly rapidly. Manufacturers gradually decided to start increasing the total number of active lines on their own devices, making them up to 1024 units. After a while, manufacturers began to use a completely new mechanism that would make it possible to form different prize combinations in different directions.
As a result, they come up with a new technology Megaways, with which you can play by choosing a different number of symbols on the reels. As a result, the total number of winning combinations reaches up to 1 million and this is not the limit.