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How to choose a resume writing service

Make a good match

Talk to potential resume writers to find out how well you understand each other. It is very important to feel comfortable with the new resume writer. If you don't feel like you can speak honestly with this person, it will be difficult for you to share the information they need to write your resume.

After looking at a few sites that pique your interest, you'll want to narrow down the circle to those that are relevant. Take time to speak with potential resume writers, review resume samples, and check links. Ask potential resume writers about their qualifications and experience.

After you've hired someone, make sure the resume writer spends enough time in the interview so that the content during the interview is credible and defensible.

Get a guarantee

Make sure someone in your resume writing department has a good enough introduction to you to create a resume that not only looks good, but accurately reflects your experience and is relevant to your industry. Avoid services that turn into a cookie cut resume, regardless of industry or company. What works for someone applying to a tech startup is different from what works for a candidate looking for a corporate accountant position.

Ideally, the resume writing process should include an interview with your writer and the opportunity to contact him after they create their first draft for further dialogue and refinement. A satisfaction guarantee, which ensures that the process is not completed until you are satisfied with your document, is another precaution.

Take a good look at at least a few resume services online before choosing a restorer so you can make an informed decision about who you hired.

Career offices are useful for students

College students and alumni should consider leveraging resources in their office careers before hiring a writer-restorer. Your career office may offer you a free registration and service review.